Brand Bible

This brand bible will give you a quick introduction to who we are, what we do and why we do it. Take a seat and lets begin.

Who we are

We are tech entrepreneurs and software developers – creative minds wired for today’s digital world. But above all, we are a collective, we do stuff that matters together.

Our mission

Lynchburg Collective strives to make this world easier, wiser and more sustainable. Bring creative people together, mix their talent with technology and great purpose and something magical will happen. We believe that our key to success is about our people.

Our vision

Through technology and with empathy for the future of human nature, we ́re going to change the way we live. When technology meets creativity, and passion hits people, it becomes beautiful; this butterfly effect is unignorable. The smallest wingstroke can cause a massive hurricane. Together we shape the future of technology that truly makes a difference for our customers, society and ourselves.


Our history goes back to 2005 when Johan and Kalle started working together for a unicorn startup. After some years crunching toghether and apart their paths crossed again in 2017 when they got back into the startup scene. Soon to become Lynchburg Collective was born out of the idea to help evolve startups with creative digital minds simultaneous with larger scale up companies.

The strategy

It's all about the people. We believe that engaged co-workers generate happy customers, and happy customers make us grow. We invest in internal projects and ventures, which in return gives us the freedom to create global impact.

Our Values

  • Stay humble
  • Show passion
  • Always challenge
  • Keep crunching

This is how we do it

At Lynchburg Collective we bring a diversity of creative and good hearted people together, meshing their beautiful tech-savvy minds and giving everyone the freedom to create. We always strive to work as a team, regardless of whether it’s internal or external projects. We do it humble. We do stuff that matters. We keep crunching. We do it with passion and challenge to beat yesterday.


Knowledge sharing is like an open source, there is no such thing as oversharing.

Freedom and responsibility. We believe in inspiring people, rather than controlling them. We provide freedom, power, and knowledge to create a common responsibility.

Our projects

As a collective, we offer both early stage startups and larger companies digital skills and creative thinking that takes any in-house IT department to the next level and a new position in the digital world. We hand pick the right crew, we arrive, assess the situation and move our venture companies and larger customers forward. We only leave when they’re in a better digital place.

Code of conduct

Show heart. At Lynchburg Collective we respect everyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or any other aspects of appearance, background or personality.

In the studio

Our studio is the place where we spend lots of time. That’s why we all want to feel at home and taking care of the space like a second home.

Welcome to be a part of Lynchburg Collective!