Life’s short,
go far.

In Lynchburg, our code isn’t just Rust or Golang. No, our code is something else, something more. It’s the one we make, the one others follow. It’s the one created when we come together with talented people from all walks, unbound from boundaries, at the front of the frontier - pushing impossible into possible. 

So when looking back at the trails we blaze, we know there’s talent out there missing their true calling. Talent like you, that—given the right opportunity—can be the difference to make it. So if you’re looking for a career change that actually makes change happen, look no further—and you’ll go farther than you ever remotely thought possible.

And speaking of remote, we like to work both fully remote and hybrid remote. We ensure that your setup’s tailor fit for your situation and destination—even if that’s not with us IRL. On the URLs, we´re still a collective and interact through hackathons, remote gameplay and other cool group gatherings.  

If you think this sounds like you, we think you sound like one of us. So why not drop us a line? 

Is a posting missing your talents? Tell us about you, post-haste.

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