This is what we're all about

At Lynchburg Collective we bring a diversity of creative and good hearted people together, meshing their beautiful tech-savvy minds and giving everyone the freedom to create. We always strive to work as a team, regardless of whether it’s internal or external projects. We have two business squads – UX designers and software developers. We are humble. We do stuff that matters. We are passionate and we constantly challenge ourselves and our surroundings.

We hand pick the right crew, we arrive, assess the situation and move our venture companies and clients forward. We only leave when they’re in a better digital place.

UX & Digital Design

Our User Experience team approach challenges from the core. By getting in early in the product development process we gain a holistic understanding of the problem and tackle it with a user centered approach. With great insights we deliver solutions that are thought through to the last detail. Our competences reach from thorough user research to beautiful user interface design calibrated for a smooth developer handoff.

Software Development

Our dev-team makes the passion for the craft shine through in every aspect. Frontend, backend, full-stack; web or apps - it makes no difference to us. We believe in challenging the status quo and being the spark plug in your team and organisation. There is always a better way, and we help you there with a rapid and state-of-the-art approach. An approach that implements incremental and agile development that makes your digital dreams come to life as efficient and user-friendly applications that scale.