Frontend Software Engineer

As a Frontend Software Engineer at Lynchburg Collective you will work on a diverse range of projects from established companies to startups.

We’re looking for you. You, who’ve spoken HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fluently since you can remember. You, who have experience with some JavaScript framework - be it Vue, Angular, React, Ember, or anything similar.

The first time you discovered SASS you felt unleashed, didn’t you? We also think you believe TypeScript fixes what’s broken about JavaScript to build reliable applications. And even your music library is in Git - isn’t it?

Whether you design everything to pixel perfection yourself, or have got someone to do it for you - you have attention to detail and an appreciation of visual aesthetic and the art of UX. Responsive design isn’t even a question for you, and the only way one can build an application is user-friendly.

Not a Computer Science Major? Don’t worry - at Lynchburg we value passion for the craft over degrees and diplomas.

Desired Traits

  • Taking individual ownership and responsibility over your projects.
  • Having a healthy relationship with velocity and technical debt.
  • Listening to constant feedback from users and your team.
  • A desire to learn and improve yourself and your skillset.

Desired Skills

Languages: Javascript/Typescript, PHP, Ruby, Go, (HTML, CSS)
Frameworks: React, Angular, Vue, Ember, or similar
CSS Enhancers: SASS, Emotion,
Git & version control
Experience in Swift, Java or React Native

With us you have the opportunity to develop both the things you already know and the things you don’t know yet. For us innovation and creativity is important, we hope you think so too.

We Are

At Lynchburg Collective we believe that life is short, so do stuff that matters. We believe in freedom to create, where you will push the boundaries of what's possible. We've come together because we know that out there in businessland there are loads of talented tech minds missing out on their true calling. Talent that, given the right entrepreneurial opportunity, can change the whole digital world for both giant companies and early stage startups. If you believe in the same thing as we do, or just find it crazy interesting, we’ll think that you’ve found just the right position for you.

With us you have the opportunity to develop both the things you already know and the things you don’t know yet. For us is all about creating value in everything we do, we hope you think so too.

Some Bits About You

Beside that. We care about you. Because it always comes back to who you are. Let's meet and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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